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The reward for doing a job well is more than your monthly salary.

Williams & Glyn will offer a range of benefits designed to save you money and make life easier.

Williams & Glyn will offer both core benefits and flexible benefits. A core benefit is one that's a compulsory part of your package, which you cannot opt out of. This includes things like life assurance and income protection (disability cover). The reason some benefits are core is because we feel they're a fundamental part of your employment with Williams & Glyn.

In addition to core benefits, you’ll also be offered a variety of flexible benefits that you can elect at certain times of the year. My Choice is the bank’s flexible benefits programme and it’s designed to help you get the most from your monthly pay. It includes things like our retirement savings plan, bike to work, childcare vouchers, healthcare schemes and the chance to buy additional holidays.

There’s something for everyone, and we make it easy to take advantage of those options. By using My Choice, you can decide how much of your pay your want to convert into value-added benefits online.

Here's a little more detail on some of these benefits and options:

Planning for your retirement

A pension lets you save money for your retirement. When the time comes to take your benefits you can use all or some of your savings to take as a one-off cash sum, regular or ad hoc lump sums or you can choose to take it as a guaranteed level of monthly income (annuity).

You’ll be automatically enrolled into the Williams & Glyn pension scheme, called My Retirement Savings Plan and will then have options to increase or decrease the amount you contribute. The more you save the more you’re likely to have when it comes to retirement, and if you save 10% or more of your salary then Williams & Glyn will give you an additional 2% ‘top-up’.

Buying extra holidays

Buying extra holidays allows you maximise your work-life balance by taking extra time off each year. You can buy up to 10 extra paid days off work each year. Your manager will need to approve any holidays you wish to buy before you can make your election.

Bike to work

You exchange some of your salary for the use of a bike and associated safety equipment. The primary purpose of the bike is for commuting to and from your normal place of work. You’ll be able to choose any bike Halfords has in stock or that’s available through their special order process. This includes a full range of folding bikes.

As a colleague of Williams & Glyn (even if you decide not to participate in the bike to work scheme) you’ll also have access to discounts from Halfords autocentres on MOTs and servicing.

Childcare vouchers

You can choose to exchange some of your salary for childcare vouchers, resulting in tax and National Insurance savings. Childcare vouchers can help afford families quality childcare and provide savings worth nearly £1,000 a year. Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for a wide range of childcare such as child minders, nursery schools, breakfast clubs and holiday clubs.

Dental insurance

The cost of dental treatment can often be as painful as the treatment itself. With dental insurance you can claim back towards the cost of dental treatment. As well as saving you money on one off treatments, dental insurance is a great way to encourage you to make regular visits to the dentist to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Critical illness

Critical illness cover gives you financial peace of mind should you be diagnosed with one of a number of specified critical illnesses. The receipt of a tax-free lump sum can be used to help you with medical treatment or equipment, you could use it to pay off part of your mortgage, or just ease the financial strain that you may find with not being able to work.