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Risk Jobs

Risk Management is a core element of modern banking.

Fundamental to delivering our strategies and approaches, is the ability to manage risk across all areas of the Bank; providing advice, guidance and assurance for our business.

As a brand new bank, we'll be working to provide the right products and services for our customers, and you'll be there right at the start, helping shape that.

As an essential part of the business you’ll consult on products, to ensure they meet regulations and are clearly putting customers first. You’ll be given plenty of visibility and the opportunity to shine as you give confidence to senior stakeholders and work with every area of the bank.

Central to the operating model of the Risk Team is the need to provide deep levels of business understanding in partnership with the Business teams. This is underpinned by our commitment to our customers and our continuous professional development, so you’ll need to be committed to putting the customer at the forefront of your decisions and understanding the balance of reward versus risk. Ultimately, it's your great interpersonal skills and contribution that will make the biggest impact.

As banks continue to work in an increasingly regulated environment, one area in which they cannot afford to fall behind is risk and regulation.

Risk areas

Enterprise Wide Risk

At the heart of our Risk department is Enterprise Wide Risk which provides a holistic view of the management of risk across Williams & Glyn. It consults with all areas of the bank to propose to the Executive and the Board the Risk Strategy, appetite and policy framework for the company. Roles within the function are varied and provide opportunities to work across a range of risk disciplines and interface with other areas across risk and in the business.

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Risk Data & Analytics

This team performs a central role responsible for the development, validation, maintenance and use of risk models across Retail and Corporate businesses, including Fraud and Operational scorecards and strategies and Basel and Capital and Stress testing models.

In addition, the team:

  • Supports our business by providing reports and analytical insight in to the credit risk performance of our Retail and Corporate portfolios, including how our book is growing through new lending activity
  • Understands and provides reporting on what our credit loss experience has been and what the future outlook for losses is
  • Supports colleagues in other functions to help meet our regulatory reporting requirements
  • Supports colleagues who serve customers through maintaining key risk systems and processes for credit applications, customer management and account opening
  • Provides specialist input and subject matter expertise to the Williams & Glyn Delivery Team

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Operational Risk

Operational Risk is defined as "the risk of loss resulting from failed or inadequate internal processes, people and systems and from external events".

At the core of our Risk function is Operational Risk, roles in this area provide an exciting opportunity to be part of Williams & Glyn through key stages in the journey from creation of an Operational Risk Function to support the Banking License application to providing second line of defence oversight to a standalone bank. Our operational risk framework operates as a continuous cycle of activity that works across four distinct stages:

  • Identification of what risks we face
  • Assessment of our exposure and how much risk is acceptable
  • Controlling and managing our risks
  • Monitoring and reporting our risks.

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Financial Crime

The Financial Crime team is responsible for ensuring Williams & Glyn complies with all laws, regulations, regulatory guidance and expectations in relation to Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing, Sanctions, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, EU Wire Transfer Regulation, Fraud, Intelligence and Internal Investigations.

The Financial Crime Team’s primary objectives are to:

  • Prevent Williams & Glyn from being used by organised criminals to launder the proceeds of crime
  • Prevent terrorists from using the banking system to move money around to finance terrorism
  • Prevent Williams & Glyn from breaching UK and international Sanctions
  • Prevent/reduce financial crime against Williams & Glyn and/or its customers

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Credit Risk

The ultimate purpose of Credit Risk function is to provide oversight and approval of the Lending portfolio and to provide support to the front line to ensure the assets of Williams & Glyn are managed appropriately and in a safe manner for customers and shareholders. The Credit function incorporates Retail and Corporate sanctioning units together with a Credit Policy team who have responsibility for developing the policies appropriate to Williams & Glyn within acceptable risk levels defined by the Bank's appetite.

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Compliance and Conduct Risk

Compliance and Conduct Risk is responsible for the strategy and successful execution of the bank's approach to managing its Regulatory Compliance and Conduct agenda, including management of Regulatory matters and interaction with key regulatory bodies.

Key responsibilities of the Team include:

  • Define and lead the bank's strategic approach to delivering robust regulatory compliance, in line with the bank’s values and customer and regulator expectations
  • Deliver independent, risk-based compliance assurance testing to evaluate controls designed to manage Conduct and Compliance risks across the bank, to provide confidence that Conduct and Compliance policy standards are effectively implemented
  • Consistently and efficiently identify, measure, analyse and report Conduct and Compliance risks
  • Manage the bank's relationships and interactions with its regulators
  • Identify actual and potential political, legislative and regulatory changes ("upstream risks")

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Credit Quality Assurance

The Credit Quality Assurance (CQA) function provides, via deep dive and thematic reviews, independent verification of the risk asset quality of the Credit Exposures within all segments of the William & Glyn balance sheet. Using sampling, end to end reviews, and business assurance testing / oversight, the function provides both a point in time and forward view of individual deals and portfolio trending, alongside necessary remediation’s to either preserve or enhance Asset Quality, Risk Management and Risk Appetite.

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